The Informer


Female-Self Meme


  1. Rofl! I almost choked when I read this piece! My gawd, Kei, you're completely twisted! Would you REALLY go about in Madonna cone shaped bras to hypnotize hunks? You psycho shit, you!

    And seriously! Drawing Sai and his manboobs!!??? Does he know yet!? I think I just shit a brick when I saw him there! Poor androgynous Sai and his manboobs! So tak baik you wat cam tu!! Bwahahahaha!

  2. Hahaha, Of course not!! I don't even know where to buy one of those cool spinning Madonna bra thingies if they're even sold someplace.. Lol. But yeah, hypnotising cute guys would be fun if I had the ability to do so. xD

    Omg! He has no idea! I was planning on telling him, but I keep on forgetting. Lol.


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