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Nothing is as what they appear. The thing people should bear in mind. The human mind is complex and complicated, so, dig deep to find the true meaning of what is said or mentioned. Things might be the exact opposite of what is pronounced. What's the use of poetry and literature if such things are so straightforward? Even so, many variables could manipulate and entangle even the simplest idea. There are so many things I wish I could say, but they are just too complex for me to put into words. Many lies exist in this world because of what people say, what people think, what people perceive. It's up to the contemplation of those who are wise enough to stop and think to comprehend what is right and what is wrong. This be one of the oldest forms of advice there ever was. So, please, don't judge me by the way I appear. Nevertheless, I'll move on. Only the dear lord knows what I'm going up against, what I'm feeling and what my intentions are.

There's no fun in having things going your way all the time. Challenges are the things that give the pizazz in life.

The main thing here is that THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS WHAT THEY APPEAR. Kapish?

Thank you.


  1. maknanya bukan semue org jujur la ni?macam tu?

  2. Although that is very true, that's not the main thing that I intended to write about. Haha

    The thing is that people should not judge people superficially without further investigation and much contemplation.

    Sometimes people say what they don't really mean and speak metaphorically or figuratively in order to hide the true meanings behind language.


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