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Secrets of Salamantini revealed~

Huh? Apa? U tanya "Motif Salamantini??". Haha

Dah berapa kali nk bgtahu. Xde motif pon!

I simply made up the word from 2 other words.

Let me explain to you the linguistic aspect of the word transformation.

First of all, it is comprised of the proper noun "Santini" (Acquired from the surname of the antagonist, Carla Santini (Megan Fox) from the movie "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", starring Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox.) as well as the noun "Salamander" (Which is an amphibian [A living organism that is able to live both on land and underwater] that is closely related to the lizard)



Salamander.... Santini.... bergabung.... MELETUUUPPP!~ Hahahah! XD

Both these nouns undergo the 'Blending' process of word transformation in etymological morphology, utilising a portion from each word, creating another one anew.


The combination of two separate forms to produce a single new term is also present in the process called blending. However, blending is typically accomplished by taking only the beginning of one word and joining it to the end of the other word.

(Yule, 2001)

Thus, the equation goes like this:

[Salaman]der + San[tini] = Salamantini

Basically, I never thought of the etymological shit before creating the word, because it just suddenly popped into my mind. Only after sem 1 of B.Ed TESL did I start to analyse the word in morphological terms. Haha

Baca la comic ni jap, seronok uolz. Haha

Korang pk la sendiri anak deorang yg bernama "Salamantini" tu nmpk cmne. Haha

Then there's "Random Whatevers", the header for my blog.

Well, it's nothing really. Just a cool name I came up to show that my blog consists nothing more than rants, random thoughts, emotional outbursts and other shit in written form. Just so you know, the word "Random" there is the adjective to noun, I repeat, NOUN "Whatevers". I know, you're thinking that "Whatever" isn't a noun??! Here, I converted the real word, which is in the form of a determiner or pronoun into a noun, just because it sounds nice... And because I CAN! Got a problem with that betch?! Hahahaha. And I added the "s" behind the 'Noun' "Whatever" just to show plurality and not referring to just........*Pause*...... One "Whatever"....*Pause again*.... whatever that may be. Hahaha

Satisfied? *Shrug*


  1. hey kei!!comic u 2!!haha.nk pcah prut i glak!:D

  2. HAHA! Simply hilarious!! XDDD


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