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According to Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development, there are 8 stages of which we all have to go through as we progress in life, from infancy to adulthood and finally death. Right now, being an adolescent of the age of 20, I've gone through many of these stages. But, I do believe that there were stages whereby I was not able to fully pass through quite completely. Though I was brought up using a very authoritarian approach, I came out quite solid though there were times when I was in dilemmas while I was facing some trials and tribulations of life. I grew from infancy to the time I was pubescant quite smoothly. Now, I am an adolescent and according to Erik Erikson's theory, this is supposed to be the time when I experience feelings of love and wanting to establish and maintain intimate relationships with a significant other. But, the sad thing is that I don't think I'm ready to do that yet. Well, that's because I think that I'm still stuck in the stage before the Intimacy vs Isolation stage in the theory, which is the Identity vs Identity Confusion stage. Honestly, I don't think I know my true self yet because I haven't really found my true identity just yet. I should already be in the Intimacy vs Isolation stage but I'm still stuck in the preceding stage because of the dilemma I am in in knowing my true self and searching for my identity. I'm really confused and I think this is going affect the following stages like the stage I should readily be in now. In the book, it only describes the stages themselves, but it doesn't say how to successfully come out of the stage if one is in a dilemma and facing the negative side of the stage,of which I am in the Identity Confusion side of the Identity vs Identity Confusion stage. I don't like being like this and it really hurts me in many ways, especially emotionally and psychologically. The trials and tribulations are simply too hard for me to handle and I really need to break free from this stage so that I can move on to the other stages.

But how?

I'm hanging on a thread....

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