The Informer


The precipice of defeat

The deprivation of valour,
I shall close my eyes and dream it all away,
The darkness of the night shall be replaced with the burning sight of the sun,
A rainbow beyond that hill yonder,

The smell of the sun is on your shirt,

You were always by my side,
But we have outgrown each other,
Now little is left to cherish,
Memories are left to be kept in our hearts,

Never throw your dreams away,
Throw them to the sky,
And hope that the wind carries them to the heavens,
To fly with the birds and sigh in relief,

Old dust is stirred,

It shimmers in the light,
Dancing in the sunlight locked within a shabby room,
Where a window channels the summer light,
Of orange and yellow,

An old story unfolds

You may not notice it,
But we have grown,
Our childhood was so sweet,
As sweet as molasses,

When we were small, everything seemed so simple,
Life was a delicious breeze,
The smell of jasmine wafted in the ether,
The sun was hot and dry,

The fields were our playground,
The world was ours to explore,
We worried about nothing,
Our dreams were all nice,

One prayer is granted

I liked the way you dressed,
A simple white tee and shorts with a pair of sandals,
You had that silly straw hat,
You always made me smile,

Your eyes had that innocence,
An innocence that seemed so delicate,
A flare burned in your heart,
One that was fuelled by curiosity,

You had scraped knees and elbows,
Scruffy short hair,
A missing tooth,
And a brave heart,

We all have grown up, everything changes,

The heart of our early years,
We were so young and fresh,
Growing up seemed like an eternity,
An eternity that would never come,

By: Kei

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