The Informer



I am selfish. I am self-centered. I'd do anything for my own sake. I'd grab that string of hope and push you aside and let you fall to the depths of despair. I don't largely care about other people, especially if they hold no pertinence to my life. If you're the lucky few to be my good friends, I'd consider a little, though not much. I eat my food, you eat yours. I live my life, you live yours. I don't expect anything from the likes of you, so why should you expect anything from me? You want to kill yourself? Go ahead, just as long as you don't mess up my life. It makes life much easier. You don't have to care about other people but yourself. I have my own problems to face and I don't need the problems of others to consider. The selfish part of me also includes my problems. I am selfish about my problems. Don't come and poking your nose into my problems because they are mine to solve. I don't need the grubby hands of others to come molesting my already messed up life. One thing, don't bloody ask me if I'm okay or not. If you feel that I'm not okay, fine, keep it to yourself. If you know, and you ask about what you already know, that'd make you a moron. I mean it. Don't ask whether or not I'm okay even when I seem okay, because even if I AM okay, I'd be pissed off if you ask. Just don't ask.

I'm arrogant. I'm proud. I like to boast my best qualities. I adore praises. Praise me more and I'd boast more. But, I don't boast explicitly. I don't say "Bitch, I'm fuckin smart, you're just a pathetic idiot". Heck, I don't even boast that much. I like to think of it as intrinsic boasting. Come to think of it this way: When I see something less impressive, I'd say in my mind, "I'm way better than that". Maybe, I boast implicitly through my expressions. I don't know really. Oh, and language too. I'd say that people think I boast about my intelligence through the way I talk. Really, it's just the way I talk, bitch. It has nothing to do with my intelligence (Though it does "technically"). Speaking of language, I know I speak well and I'd like to share that with people. I correct their grammar in hopes that they would speak better. AH! One thing! I'd feel really proud when I hear someone using a complex word I've learnt ages ago. Not because I've learnt it way before them. No, that'd be proud of myself. This is different. I'd be proud of the other person for using the word, yes. I just don't know why. Maybe it's because I want people to speak well. I'm proud of my self, my family, my lifestyle, everything. Now, I don't think I really boast, but I merely am proud. Nope, I don't boast, not really. I'm just proud and it shows.

I also like to win, even when it comes to tiny arguments. It just feels right to win. It's one of the things that make me feel good. At least, I'd know that I have something worth boasting. To me, losing is a sign of weakness and submission. Though so, I believe in rules and regulations. An argument is won through valid points. A stupid point would make YOU stupid yourself. Argue with relevant evidence and bask in the glory of winning. Ad Hominem? Now that's a STUPID thing. I'd say you're stupid when you digress to fighting about personal matters when the argument was nowhere near the issue. Idiot. I suppose you know that you've lost and you just want to save the little morsel of pride you have left by attacking some other shit I have. What a sore loser. Don't say I haven't warned you. You're stupid when I say you're stupid. I wouldn't say that you're stupid without a reason. If evidence suggests that you're stupid, then you're stupid.

I think these are among the worst characteristics I have.

I also have many good traits, many of which equalise or even positive-ise these three traits, though I wouldn't want to bore you people. You'd say that I boast and all that shit. To hell with your shit. Idc.

I have no idea why I'm writing this. Doesn't make me stupid though.

Forgive my French.


  1. You'd make a good character for a comic book. And I mean it.


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