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Watched the movie premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 last night and i must say that it was absolutely delicious! The plot, storyline, cinematography, EVERYTHING was fantastic!

Ok, here's a filler photo before I story mory to y'all about all the shit.

I gotz the ticketz bitch! Wez be goinz to TGV.

2 nights before going to the premiere, Fie, Pajid and I spent the night at KL Central just for the sake of being the first ones to get to Star Tower in PJ to acquire the premiere tickets. Damn, that night was like hell for me! We stayed up at McD, literally doing nothing. Just sitting there and 'doing stupid' (Buat bodoh) all night long till morning came. I did have a little bit to do, reading a book, listening to music, but then I began to feel bored. So I laid my head on the table and went to sleep. Then this Indian McD lady woke me up, saying that you can't lay your head on the table. Like, WTF? Why? What is the reason of my disability in laying my head on the aforementioned table? She kept on waking me up because I kept on laying my head on the table. Lastly, I became so frustrated and sleepy, I actually slept on the floor at the entrance of McD, behind the GCB banner. Lol. Ok, so morning came. It was 6 in the morning and we wanted to hastily get to the tower. Went to the toilet and freshened up. I actually brought my toiletries for the sake of that night. Brought my face wash, tooth brush, toothpaste and deodorant. Wouldn't want to make people think that I didn't shower that morning right? (Even though I really didn't) Had a delicious Sausage Mcmuffin with egg, a hashbrown and some tea. Headed to the LRT station and went from Central to Asia Jaya where we were to take a cab. firstly, we hailed a cab but he didn't know where 'Menara Star' was. Only after a few hailing of cabs *Lol* did we get a cab driver who knew where Menara Star was. Got off the cab and went inside. To our surprise, we found out that we were among the first to queue. There was this Chinese lady and a Chinese man already there. It was 7-ish already and the tickets were handed out at 11. People started to congregate at 8-9 and by 10, the place was already crowded. 11 O'clock, we got the tickets and were sexcited for the movie the following day. That day, I was so exhausted, but couldn't really sleep well. It wasn't the excitement, but my insomnia, I think. Okay, the next day, I mean night, my cousin and I went to Sunway for the premiere. When we got there, TGV was packed with human beings and it was absolutely stuffed I say! Some were cosplaying. Bought some popcorn and drinks and went in. Seating was at 9:20, but the movie started at about 9:40-ish. During the movie, everyone clapped their hands every time an exciting event happened, like when certain people died and so on. Ok, whatever.

All in all, the movie was awesome. I'd say that it is the best out of all the previous HP movies. It serves as closure to the series. But one thing annoyed me though. The part when Harry gave the final blow to Voldermort. The time when he died was just not convincing enough. There was no 'BOOM factor' in Voldermort's death. This was really anti-climactic. I was expecting one of those 'edge-of-your-seat' moments when all the hairs on your body would stand and you would totally orgasm in excitement. But it was merely a smoke bomb and not a grenade or whatever huge missile bomb thingy. Lol. The climax was a "Pssssssssssssstttttttttttt" instead of a "KEBABOOOMMMMMM MELETOPPP BOM BOM BAYM BAY BAYM SHAZAYMMMM!!". But it was okay. The whole movie was excellent nevertheless.

P/s: It's been ages since I wrote something a bit more digestible like this right? Lol.


  1. i suka post yg mcm ni.i bleh byg mcm mana u cerita! :)

  2. Okay kalau tak tengok previous few HP movies kan, adakah i akan faham cerita itu kalau tgok yg ni; the last part je?

    *harap2 you faham. sebab i pun bengong dengan soalan i tu. pfft hahaha

  3. G: Haha. Boleh eh? Mesti u bayangkan I dengan expression dan gestures I kan?

    Div: Boleh2. Sebab movie ni straightforward je.

  4. Okay, boleh la pi tengok nanti. Kahkah *tetibe gelak macho. LOL


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