The Informer



Patience! Patience! You must not let your emotions overpower yourself!! Your feelings can never get the best of you because they impair judgement! Never submit yourself to your emotions for they could mean the downfall of you. You must have control over your tempestuous emotions. The maelstrom of emotions you are experiencing are nothing but things that could harm you, just like last time.

I have no strength to conquer my feelings. I'm just a weakling.

You have a strong will and you can set your mind to anything you wish. The only thing that is stopping you from controlling your emotions is your desire to despair. You know that, deep inside, you want your sentience to grab hold of your consciousness. The both of us know that.

I know. But i just can't help myself from wanting to love and be loved. What must I do to make this suffering stop? Love itself is an agonizing emotion. It eats me from the inside. People keep on saying that love is happiness but why am I not happy? This feeling makes me want to cry. I don't even know the difference between love and sorrow because both of them feel the same. I don't understand how love can hurt so much. Is love meant to be like this? Is love actually something that makes you want to cry? Is love really sorrow in disguise?

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