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I wore a thong~

Yup! That's what I did the other day.

Let me story mory from the beginning.

Well, yesterday was the day of the Nezu jinja* matsuri**. We all had to contribute to the whole town by carrying the portable shrine around town because not many were able to since most of the peeps are old krepot pot and not many of the youth wanted to volunteer; so, foreign students from Bunkyo Gakuin "volunteer" to carry the omikoshi. I initially didn't want to do it because I knew that we had to wear the traditional labour gear, which consists of a loincloth (Yes, the piece of cloth you wrap around your crotch to "support" your dick and balls), a top jacket called the 'happi' and a belt to tie the jacket into place, because the top doesn't have buttons and stuff. However, I was somewhat "sucked" into participating as though I was santau-ed. LOL. Entah lah. Okaayyyy.. Wearing the loincloth, or as the Japanese call it a 'fundoshi', was the most awkward thing EVER! We all had to strip butt nekkid and expose our naughty bits so that we could wear the loincloth. Everyone was fitted in one single room. It felt really weird. The old man who helped me wear the thing said "ちんちんは上の方で: chin chin wa ue no hou de", which translates "put your dick upwards". LLLOOOOLLLL!!! Sumpah geli gila!! He was touching me here and there like Oh My LORRDD!! The situation of wearing the loincloth itself was weird, but the feeling... or rather, "sensation", of wearing that thing was even more bizarre. It was like a major wedgie and there was this feeling of over-exposure of the self. Not liberating in a positive sense, but more of an embarrassing one instead. Going outside, exposing my beautiful bare legs and firm buttocks to the whole wide world was quite an experience. Most of the other boys were SO GIGIH that they shaved their legs for the occasion. The damn hell, I aint gon' shave ma legs, noway hozay giirrrllllzzz! Okay, this post is starting to sound like the major thing I'm writing about is the loincloth. Hahaha. NEXT!

 Now that's what I call 'Le Sueur Masculine'. Lulz

The length of the happi covered our man thongs, so y'all can't see our naught sexy bits. Hahaha. But, seriously, when shouldering the omikoshi, I could've sworn some people were eyeing our exposed naughty bits because it was a rigorous activity and glimpses of our naughty bits were inevitable. LOL. I really didn't care anymore during the point when I was so freaking exhausted because all I thought of was to carry that heavy thing all the way back to its resting place.

Anyway, i had to carry the heavy ass portable shrine with the other foreign students and some other Japanese peeps. I nearly broke my god damned shoulders lifting that thing. Syaiton apa entah yang hinggap atas dalam tu sampai berat sangat perkara syirik tu???!! For the sake of the experience, learning and immersing myself in Japanese culture, I did it nonetheless. We carried the thing all over town for over 2 hours. From 5-ish till 7-ish. Now, my whole body is sore. My shoulders, arms, ribs, legs hurt like hell. I need a relaxing spa and a massage in Medan for a moment.

Though it doesn't look like much, that thing was heavy as hell, I tell you!!
Ah! I miss my friends in Malaysia so much. I wish they were here to experience all of this with me. I miss The Melets and katalySTE. :(

Well, I guess wearing the thong part was the central focus of the whole post, judging by the length of the thong paragraph as compared to those about other things. Lol. Oh well~ ;D

Selamat Hari Malaysia dari Jepun, uols!

*Omikoshi: Portable shrine
**Jinja: Shinto shrine.
***Matsuri: Festival


  1. We miss you too, Kei. Haha..
    Btw, I must say someone's looking hot in happi! :p


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