The Informer


Deathly Slumber

Johann Sebastian Bach - Sarabande for Solo Flute

Isn't it weird how sleep makes you forget about the worldly struggles and puts you at ease for just a moment. It's like a long-waited catharsis that liberates the human being from an age of suffering and calamity. It's like death, but a temporary demise. How beautiful sleep is. How beautiful it is to lay in the grave still and silent awhile. How beautiful it is to close your eyes, meet meet death and dissipate into the land of the dead as your soul is torn from your flesh and you begin to frolic in a world re-imagined where you soar high above the clouds without the struggles that anchor you to the physical realm. Perhaps death is not the most appropriate word to use here as no one can actually tell you what death is like. Most important of all, whatever worries you is left in oblivion for a brief amount of time. However, the brief moment of freedom is just what it is - brief. When the dawn draws nigh, your struggles re-emerge and your psyche is tortured once more. When your eyes open, your vital bodily functions reactivate, and your cognitive processes reawaken, you succumb to your eternally ongoing depressions and conflicts, and you re-engage in your perpetual yet trivial combats against the world and humanity.

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