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It's already my second semester in UCL and I know that it's really late,but I'm starting to make friends. This was all out of starting the syntax study group. Ferdiye, Nouf, Ohoud, Carolina, Matteo, Bizi, Atheer, Shuyan, and the others who attended the study group. I'm glad that they were able to learn a bit from the tutorial I did. They even said that I was a good teacher, which boosts my confidence to teach linguistics in university one day.

I guess that this post only serves as an update that I actually do have friends here. It's a bit difficult for me to make friends mostly because I'm an introvert and (believe it or not) I'm shy initially to approach people. Unless people approach me, I won't make any friends. Thank god Ferdiye suggested to convene the meeting. If not, I might never have gotten close to being friendly enough to other people to consider them my friends or myself theirs.

Isn't it sad not to have friends? It definitely is.


  1. glad that you're making good progress there! gitew kaka buka kelas.. hebs!

    1. Hahaha. Letup kan? Bangga hem rasa. Lol


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