The Informer


Solitary Confinement

I think I'm starting to feel the depressing grip of loneliness. I though that I could fare well with being alone, but I guess it's just human nature to want to belong or associate. It's like being in a state of immobility where you wait for each day to pass by as you detach yourself from the world, seeing things in third-person perspective. You have people in your immediate surroundings but you are divorced from it all or are in an alternate plain where nobody sees you, let alone wholeheartedly speak to you. The people who do enter your so-called dimension, however, are the ones you cherish and refuse to forget. The drawback is that when they're gone, your sadness creeps back to you and you succumb to it even more severely.


  1. reading this satisfied me for some odd reason. i guess it was just pretty much exactly what i wanted to scream but couldn't. also, we miss you kei.


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