The Informer


Double edge

I am animus. I am the hate that dwells in your chest, pricking your heart with needles soaked in poison. I am the blood that spills from the slitted throats of innocent children. I am the red tide that brings death and destruction to the living. I am the din that gives birth to the demons that haunt your mind and taunt your soul.

I am also sorrow. I am the depression that grips your emotions with claws of rusted steel, peeling your sanity bit by bit. I am the dark humour that fills the night and that blinds your eyes. I am the shroud of fog that confuses you and renders your senses useless. I am the silence of the dead that drives you to the brink of losing your mind.

I am the bliss that fills your breast with joy and happiness. I am the wild flowers of May whose scent dances in the meadows and lingers on your shoulder. I am the holy light in which you bathe and cleanse your body, mind and soul. I am the lord who descends from the heavens and saves the earth. I am the heaven that you seek. I am salvation. I am purity. I am hope. I am love.

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