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Biro Tata Negara~

Yeah, I wen't to the biro tatanegara on the 17th of December 2008. At first, the event wasn't so anticipated, but when we finally arrived..... No, still feeling as if it was gonna be crappy.. Lol

We were in the bus and like, in the middle of the jungle and semak samun menyelubingi.. Lol
I was like "KEMATIAN!!!!" Screaming like a bitch.. Lol
Lol, otw, siap jumpa babi hutan lagi tuh!! I wasn't really sure whether it was a babi hutan or a buffalo, because it was all hairy and ugly and shit and I KNOW what a buffalo looks like, and those... things weren't buffaloes..

Kita sampai kat Kem Bina Negara in Ulu Sepri in Negeri Sembilan and letak2 barang and ambik bantal and selimut and all... Pastu ceramah and stuff.. Ya Allah, y'know what.. The bath house was like... damn! Xde seperate stalls for showers. There were only seperate stalls for toilets.. Lol
Tmpt mandi tu mcm, ada kolam air je, and you had to like, cebuk the water and stuff. So yeah, BOGEL FEST!!!! LOL (Not really) Haha.... Pakai boxer and mandi.. lol.. Yeah, sexysexy~

I'm not really allowed to talk about what was discussed during the camp sbb ada this akta kerahsiaan and shit..

OH YEAH! Since there's the akta kerahsiaan and you couldn't talk about the shit, our phones and cameras were taken away and ada like, a phone jammer, so xleh call and shit. But surprisingly, Celcom blh call.. Maxis xleh..

Omg, best gila!! Ada Flying fox la, absailing la!! Best gila!! We also went for a jungle trek... 2 hours.. And DIBELENGGU PACAT!!! THANK GOD I x kena gigit pacat. Kalau kena, mesti mcm, jerit gila2 dlm hutan tu. Haha..

LDK best gila!! Open gila cakap. But yeah, we're not allowed to talk about in in public since some of the topics are quite controversial...

Made new friends from other classes like, Izzati, Leena, Shal and Atikah..

Had a fight with Mira for some 'undiscussible' reason and didn't talk with her for like 2 days during the camp.. But now, dah okay..

Kita semua tidur dalam dormitory.. and tengah2 hutan.. (Alep, I saw stuff~~~~... Lol, nenek..)
So, malam2 I sambung katil dgn Didi and tido bertiga-tigaan sama2 dgn Haziq..
Lol, malam2 cakap pasal hantu and lucah stuff.. Lol... It was the best. Since I was sleeping on the edge of the bed and with Haziq
in the middle, I x tido menghadap kat tepi katil tu langsung.. I slept facing Haziq TAKOOTT!!!! I tutup mata sebelah supaya x nampak the other side of the bed... Xleh tido kot~~ I woke up like, 3-4 times that night and was freaking out because of stuff I thought I saw.. Lol... Baca2 doa and stuff and tenang sikit.. Lol
Tapi, selepas setiap malam, dah berkurangan dah ketakutan. So I slept better on the following nights..

Every day, we had to wake up at 5 in the mornign and smyg subuh and stuff.. After that ada tazkirah.. I was really focusing and the person giving the talk, but pada hari ke-3 and je-4, I was like dozing off. Maybe it was because I was too tired and sleep deprived.. Lol

Yeah, That went on for 4 days and 3 nights... I had a blast. Never thought I would admit that.. Haha..

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