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Deans list??.... NOT!!

Well, Right after I came back from the Biro Tata Negara camp, with haste, I terus pergi ke CC kt Section 2 tu.. Berlari-lari pulak tu!
Siap bawak beg2 baju lagi tu.. Lol
And berlawak dgn org kt situ.. Kata.. "Bang, saya nak guna computer"
The person said "okay"
I said "Dan saya juga nak menginap di sini"
He was like, making a wtf face.. Lol
And I said "main2 je la" lol

I simply couldn't wait to find out what I got.. Lol

Went to the computer and sat on the chair and breathed out hardly..

Calmed down and opened mozilla fiorefox...

Went to UiTM's student portal.

Signed in.

Went to the check exam results page.

Entered my student ID and IC number.

Clicked SEMAK..

I was shocked..

These are my results..

Malaysian Studies : B+
Islamic Education Studies : B
College Reading 1 : A
College Writing 1 : B+
Listening and Speaking 1 : A
Grammar 1 : A
College Study Skills : B+
Computer Literacy : A-

And my overall pointer/GPA : 3.63...............

Mildly shocked, I was disappointed..
I expected to get at least 3.8 or something.. Lol.. But alhamdulillah la..

After that I dapat tahu Mira's results... She got 0.01 more than me... That means that she obtained a pointer of 3.64.. Lol

(Mira, don't be so cocky.. lol.. After all, 0.01??.. Korek hidung je pun blh dapat kot~~ Lol Just kidding.... Yeah, congrats love~<3)

And Sai dpt 3.65.. Lol... Coincidink.. lol

Tapi ok la.. I never studied shit for the exams and stuff.. Not even a little, except for Malaysian studies.. Tu pun study less than 3 chapters. and dpt 3.63.. Lol
That means that with a wee bit of effort, I could achieve a 4 flat.. Lol
Next sem, I'll make sure that I study for the subjects that need studying..
Grammar, College reading, Listening and speaking, College writing?? Study?? Abaikan study utk subjek2 tu. Haha... Xyah study takpe.. But yeah, beri perhatian semasa lecture cukup ar~~

I got 3.63, but for the Asasi TESL programme, xde deans list.. *Sedih* ;n;
Ntah kenapa xde anugerah dekan... Whatever~


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