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A whole bunch of people in my college are down with fever. Fie was hit by Dengue and he's now in the hospital in Klang. Thank goodness it's not H1N1. Even Haziq too! Pity them. Some of my classmates in fact didn't come to class because of fever. Ilman (or whatever his name is), one of the new kids hasn't attended class for such a long time. (I still haven't memorised all of our new friends' names)

Last week, we had to bring Fie to Pusat Kesihatan because he was like, going all retarded after he took a shower. That morning, he noticed that he had a mild fever and attended the taklimat PPW thingy we all had to go through. Unfortunately, he passed out right after lunch or something and the "people" sent him to PK to get checked. I don't know what happened or what became of him there, but he did come back to campus with some nasty pills and shit. He was the MC for the taklimat thingy and after the break, a lecturer announced that the MC fainted and we all thought it was some kind of joke or something, but then we realised that Fie was not with us, or wasn't present... After he came back and after the taklimat, we went back to Meranti and he took a shower and then, all of a sudden, Taufik said that Fie wasn't breathing properly and shit. Dydy and I were shocked and Dydy called the PM or whatever the person was... Out of my surprise, Haziq was downstairs at the vening machine and he had a fever too. I already knew that he had a fever, but yeah, I asked him to tag along with Fie and me to the PK. I was shocked to see Fie on the floor gasping for air and shit. He was asking for help, but the PM people were discussing where to send him and like, it was kinda funny sbb *TAK LAYAN!!!* Hahahahaha!! The Pm person was driving. Dydy asked me to go in his place because he was expecting his mother to come for some PTPTN shit or something.. I literally had to hold Fie by the shoulders as if having him cling like a dead body on me. (You know, like the injured people on TV, where they have to carry them by their shoulder...)
The nurse woman then asked me to pull out the wheelchair in the corner and have Fie sit on it and stuff and lead him to the temporary ward or something.. Haziq was fine on his own and went to see the doctor. Fie was then suspected of Dengue and shit. At first, I didn't want to touch him because I thought that it was H1N1 or some shit, and I washed my hands every time I touched him and closed my mouth and nose with my shirt just as a safety precaution, not that it may work or anything.. Lol.. After that, Fie was given an IV drip and we had to put wet towels on him and shit just so that his soaring temperature would go down. I had to do it like a caring mother and shit, not that I'm complaining or anything.. Hahaha. He even asked me to "picit-picit" his feet because he said that they were "kebas" or numb.. That's a little bit below my standards but, whatever, it was for a friend in need. Lol. I went to check up on Haziq and asked him to wait for us at the temp ward after he had seen the doctor, and thank goodness he merely had a lame fever.. Fie was given 3 IVs.. Oh yeah! I had to hold a plastic bag on Fie's face so that he could breathe or something.. My arms were cramping up and I had to switch with the PM just so that my back wouldn't break because of the static, awkward position I had to stand in just to hold the plastic bag in place... According to the doctor, he lacked carbon and had to breathe his own exhalation back so that the carbon woud be re-absorbed because he would cramp up if he didn't do so.. I'm really getting worried if I would ever contract the nasty disease and have to be warded because lately, there's been so many mosquitoes despite the fact that Meranti was fogged and shit... (Ugh,maybe it's just block D, but idk).. I always sleep with my comforter, but it's hot and I always move when I sleep and mosquitoes might have the chance to bite.. I'm scared.. So far, I've heard of at least 7 cases of fevers and 3 dengue cases.... Oh yeah! I just got news from AJ that Haziq is down with Dengue too and he's at home recooperating.. (Poor poor Haziq. ;A;)

Forgive me for not writing in paragraphs. I always forget to do so whenever im writing freely..


  1. Nyaa.. Sounds scary..
    We, in Malaysia have dengue, H1N1 and now the worst haze is coming...
    We're going to be sick, sick, sick. D=

  2. Yes, Haziq.. What's wrong?

    Omg, I know! UiTM Melaka is taking the week off just because some of the students were infected with HINI...

    Baik Mama G! :D


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