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Currently at the INTEC library. Went to the studio, but it was full, so I came here instead, just to kill time by writing an insignificant blog post... Random title btw. Lol. Ain kept on whining, saying that I haven't updated for some time.. Argh, I miss using my lappy. The adapter to my Apple Powerbook G4 is busted and I have to buy a new one from ebay, since it's hard to find spare parts and shit from Apple here, in Malaysia. The only place you can find such shit is at designated IT shitholes like Lowyat or Applestores, which are like, fuckishly hard to find. There's one in Sunway, but I hate to commute, especially alone.. They make me grumpy and shit. But, bottom side up, I'm getting a new lappy for my birthday! HALLELUJAH!! Which one? DELL Studio 14 or HP DV2?? I'd go for DV2, but the shitty thing is that it's using AMD, whereas Studio 14's using Core2Duo. Lord.... My mum said that I should sell my Mac, but... HELL NO!!! I love my Mac to death to simply sell it to some random dude... It's my first lappy and DUDE, it's a MAC!! For god's sake, you don't sell the first Mac you get.. Hellooo~ My pride and joy, I don't care what she says, I'm not selling it for my soul.. Lol... Lol, back to the topic, I'm here, waiting to go back to the studio and play the piano.. I'm trying to download sheet music of Tchaikovsky's 'Valse Sentimentale' but the connection here is just so shitty.. Like, I can't even open my yahoomail for shit's sake.. Oh god, I'm gonna take Music as my minor in Sem 3 and I'll be rockin my classical tunes to the beat.. That is, if I pass the audition.. Lol.. I'm so scared, and it's more or less, a year from now.. Know what... I can play the viola too! I tried playing on a friend of mine's and surprisingly, I may have potential.. Lol. I can even do vibrato on the viola. Haha.



  1. :DD you boleh buat lah that audition thinggy;DD

  2. go masturbate or something u dumbass haha

  3. Em: Argh, takut la Em. What should I do if I don't pass the audition?? I'd take lit most probably.. Lol.. Question answered.. MOTIF?!~ Haha

    Lepp: Been there done that.. Lol.. Went out for some lunch-up.. Hahahaha

  4. haha, wtv, even it is lit, u still can do it,, Lol, what the heck i'm trying to be inspirational motivator pulak dah!?haha,btw,if you play the song which you found at the lib few days ago,theinica "" thinggy, do record it.i nak dengar;D

  5. hey kei!
    i want more!!
    more updates!!! :)

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