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The linguistic aspect of "Motif?!"

M : Voiced, Bilabial, Nasal [Bi - 2, Labial - Relating to the lips, Nasal - Air flow passes through the nasal cavity] Both of the lips meet each other in order to articulate the consonant 'M'.
O : Rounded, Back, Middle. The lips are rounded and the tongue is positioned in the middle, inside the mouth and at towards the back of the mouth.
T : Voiced, Alveolar, Stop [Alveolar - Relating to the area behind the upper teeth, Stop - There is a stop in the flow of air right before the consonant is articulated] The tongue is placed right behind the upper teeth, which is called the alveolar ridge, in order to articulate the consonant 'T'.
I : Front, High. The tongue is positioned in front inside the mouth, which is behind the lower and upper teeth.
F : Voiceless, Labiodental, Fricative [Labio - Relating to the lips, Dental - Relating to the teeth, Fricative - Friction present] The tip of the front teeth must meet the lower lip in order to restrict air flow and thus creating the friction needed to articulate the consonant F.


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