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Wow..... Just wow~

It's so hard keeping up these days.

Emotional crises. Assignments. Friends. Deadlines. Starvation.

Currently, so many people are coming to me for advice, which I barely have the ability to give. One friend, is depressed because the guy that this friend of mine likes doesn't feel the same. I'm facing the same problem and I'm the one giving advice to this friend of mine. How ironic.

The person I have a crush on is facing a crisis as well. Lets just call this person Gerda. She likes another person, and according to her, the same person did say that he likes Gerda, but she's disappointed in the person because the person doesn't show that he likes her as equally as she does. She's sad of even the smallest things like, not saying 'Selamat berbuka' when it was about time to break fast and not initiating text chats and stuff. She cries and cries and asks me for guidance. She dissed me and now she's asking for my help. I was really just going to ignore her because of the pain she caused me, but then I thought that it wouldn't have been such a nice thing to do and it would've been vengeful of me, so I consoled her. She says that she's fat and that she's ugly but she obviously is NOT. She's beautiful, courteous, and she has an exceptionally fit figure but she says otherwise. I keep on saying that she should move on and stop crying, but she's just so stubborn. She even had a change of tone. Really, you ask for advice and now you're getting mad at me? Like, if I weren't the patient person I am, I would've slapped you silly girlfriend.. Thank god it's Ramadhan..

Another friend is facing problems relating to friendship. He thinks that he's being ganged-up upon. I don't know the details but all I have to say to this person is, talk to those friends of yours and resolve what is to be resolved. Is it really "that" complicated? If it's just so hard to talk face to face, write a letter, or even a text message. That always works for me. One guy, who he thinks who's ganging up on him as well is one of his closest friends. He's a close friend and I know that the both of share an intimate bond, so just sit down with him and..... Talk. I'm not going to tell neither him or the ones ganging up on him anything about this whole charade, because I'm a neutral party and I don't take sides. I'm just the mediator. He thinks that I'm not listening to what he has to say, but he's wrong. He doesn't know the whole story. He just knows that he's being ganged up upon because of a particular person, but he doesn't know why. The story's going nowhere if he doesn't find out why for himself by talking to the people involved, so I can't give him any advice other than what I mentioned earlier. He feels like crap and he thinks that some people are ganging up on him and that's all I need to know.

It's Ramadhan and I'm in a state of constant starvation.

I just finished one major assignment and another one's coming. More sleepless nights draw nigh.

Pity me~


  1. i had a problem and i talked to you. and you said something that reminds me who i used to be. thanks kei. ;(

  2. Judging from the smile-less smiley, I'm thinking that the "talk" was a bad one??


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