The Informer


The Blue Danube

Pitter Patter,
How the glistening droplets splatter,
Acting in my favour,
Without any matter,

Coming into sight from the hill yonder,
A drake and a swan greet each other,
To the river they come hither,
Startling the horses into a canter,

Sprinkle twinkle,
The stars they all mingle,
Like being droplets on a web they dangle,
Crowded but minus the hassle,

Though they are in quite a bustle,
Nothing is too hard for god to handle,
Nor is anything too subtle,
For god orders these stars like horses in saddle,

Splish splash,
The swan and drake play in the marsh,
Upsetting the quietly swimming fish,
Making them all go Hush!

The swan being endowed with a sash,
Never brags out in a lash,
But plays with the drake in greens lush,
Wading in the gooey mush,

By : Kei


  1. is this some ways of practising literature?

  2. Lol, So not. Practice? Who needs practice. :D


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