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Leave me be.

Last night I was thinking of you,
Reminiscing days past,
Days when we were blissfully together,
Days when there wasn't a care in the world,

We fought many battles together,
Faced obstacles and nuisances,
Combated doubts and insecurities,
Hand in hand,

The sharp sounds of the chime bring me back to consciousness,
Back to the reality that you are now gone,
Leaving me to face this world alone,
Scared and frightened,

You promised that you would be by my side,
Till the end of time,
Holding me when I was afraid,
Catching me when I was going to fall,

But the words,
Those stinging words that came from your very mouth,
The words that told me you were leaving,
They were like an arrow piercing right through my heart,

Leave me be,
Let me go on with this life alone,
I don't want to recall memories past,
For this heart has been wounded,

This is a story of a forbidden love,
A story of nostalgia,
Of when a boy lost everything,
Because of love,

By: Kei (Inspired by "Hati ini telah dilukai : Kris Dayanti")

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  1. omg! i love this one!!! hahahahaha.


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