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Pas De Deux

A pas de deux can never be performed alone. Only a couple can effectively perform a pas de deux for one performer alone wouldn't be sufficient in conveying the true beauty of a composition. One performer alone could never display the absolute genius of a set of steps, twisting and turning, extending and folding, jumping and flying across the stage.

A pas de deux with only one performer is considered as a failure for one alone cannot dance without a partner.

Pas De Deux,

Pas De Deux,

A dance bound by love,
Performed by an intimate couple,
A display of affection,
Sealed with a kiss,


They greet each other gracefully with a bow and courtesy,
Each finding the other dashing and delectable,
Admiring from near and far,
With touches so sensual and glances so seductive,


Slowly they craft their steps,
deliberately shifting their limbs,
Swiftly pronouncing what is shown,
Decadently and luxuriantly.


Without a partner, he is merely setting his daft steps on stage,
Ignorant of the curses and hisses of the crowd,
His duet was but a mere illusion,
Blurring his eyes with an ethereal shadow of his past lover,

Pas De Seul,

His whole performance was nothing but a variation,
Executing his steps in solitude,
With nobody to smile with whilst he twirls,
Tis a lonely ballet,


He weeps for the one he loves,
Tears trickling down his cheeks,
Hiding his emotions behind a mask,
Never to reveal the slightest sorrow,


He ferociously dances in bacchanale,
Drunkenly swaying from side to side,
Inducing himself into an altered state of consciousness,
A cocktail of emotions stir within his mind and soul,


The stage drags him down,
Fallen, he trips and stumbles,
Despair dominates his sentience,
Murdering him from within,


He is now numb,
He is now emotionless,
He is now dead,
The curtain falls.


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