The Informer


Painful Passion

The venom has seeped into my heart,
Slowly killing me from within,
Putting a stop to my worldly pleasures,
A moratorium to my daily endeavours

The life within me ebbs away,
As if being the cascading tides of the sea,
Like the winds that once blasted my face,
Deliciously scenting me with the perfume of sweet roses and jasmine,

The poison has begun to take effect,
Gradually empowering my bodily soul,
Hypnotising me with a sense of euphoric animus,
Wasting away the energy to live,

The force that animates me burns out,
Searing my skin and flesh,
Ensuing me to smoulder in flames invisible,

Tell me now,
How to heal the wounds,
How to cure the ailments,
How to clean the impurities,

The abnormalities impair my judgement,
They incinerate every part of myself,
They reduce me to ashes,
They torch me ablaze,

Leave me,
So that I can convalesce,
exorcising myself of the demons that dwell within,
Purging the insanities that excruciate my mind,


By: Kei

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