The Informer


You shall bear my grudge

A heart broken is a lifetime's worth of pain,
A lifetime's worth of depression,
A lifetime's worth of deathly thoughts,
A lifetime's worth of knives piercing through your spleen,

The fury of hell boils in my blood,

For you,
I bear this grudge,
I endow this curse,
I conjure the tempests from hell,

I summon the witches of Thessaly,
To murder every bit of your being ,
To devour every last morsel of your sanity,
To destroy every single trace of your existence,

For you,
Reconciliation is just a figment of your imagination,
Redemption is just a fragment of your dreams,
Penitence holds no value,

Although the feigned smiles were sweet,
The bitter taste of your lies still linger,
The putridity of your actions still haunt me,
The lechery of your attributes still disgust me,

How dare you,
You impertinent fool,
You insolent child,
You imperceptible, minute, speck of dust,

I am not impervious towards all evil,
For I have emotions,
For I be sentient,
For I am human,

You are nothing but a salacious creature,
Lurking in the shadows ready to pounce,
On unsuspecting victims with only one thing in mind,
That is deception,

You lure them with your charm,
Your outstanding wit,
Your delicious smile,
Your exuberant scent,

I was a fool to have fallen into your trap,
I was attracted to your luxuriant scent,
I was infatuated with your profusion in seeming docile,
As if being the mouse lured by cheese,

But now you are dead,
You live no longer,
You have fallen,
You have gone,

You shall bear my grudge till the end of time.

By: Kei

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