The Informer


The Wrath of Hell Boils in My Blood

The darkness swirls,
The animosity Enthrals,
Hell rages,
Flames ensue,

That visage of yours shall twist and distort,
Those hands of yours shall wither and crumble,
Those feet of yours shall cripple and break,
Just like the sulphur from the fiery pits,

I shall burn you!
Burn in the flames of damnation!

I shall cut you!
Slaughter you in the abattoir called hell!

I shall poison you!
Poison your your mind with psychotic images,
Poison your body with venom so toxic,
Poison your virtues with the ingrained malevolence,

I shall make you feel the pain,
The pain induced by my devilish thoughts,

You may never again see the light,
The light of the sun,
The light of the moon.
For all you will see is the burning cinders that will smoulder you to death,

The embers that will scorch you,
The igniting flames that will scald every inch of your skin,
Searing your flesh to the bone,
Roasting you alive,

I shall take joy in this momentous occasion,

Long live death and INequality.

By: Kei

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