The Informer


Valse Triste

You are so close,
Yet I admire you from afar,
We are one,
But I am alone,

The sadness torments,
The heartache excruciates,
The memory aggravates,
The irony kills,

The strings are sounded,

We dance our waltz with steps so grievous,
With a series so suicidal,
Our hands are together,
But our hearts are distant,

An expressionless face is never expressionless when tears can be seen,
A man who is emotionless is never emotionless when his heart still pounds,
A vivacious waltz is never a vivacious waltz when the symphony is grave,
A prayer is never a prayer when the heart is in doubt,

The music enthrals,

Glistening tears scatter as the waltz intensifies,
Back and forth do their bodily existences rock,
The serenade turns to become an elegy,
A lyric piece lamenting the death of the heart,

One holds a lifeless mannequin in arm,

The body drags and horrifies the waltz,
Grotesque in manner,
Triste turns to macabre,
Two turns to solitude,

One step two step,

My tears are my sins,
My cries are blasphemy,
My sorrow is my damnation,
My despair is my death,

By: Kei

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