The Informer


Silence and Solitude

The wind fades to silence,
The rolling storm clouds approach,
The light of the sun is shrouded and diminished,
The drums of lightning and thunder start to strike and pound,

Blood drains from my face,
Making my cheeks feel numb,
And my lips discoloured,
Pale in complexion,

She went away,
And all that is and ever was crumbled right before my eyes,
The world began to seem like a dark place to be in,
Human beings started to look like a dark congregation of shadows,

My senses started to wither away,
My body became numb,
I shivered because of the cold,
And I dropped to the ground because my heart started to stop,

I am now a lifeless doll,
I ripped my heart out to avoid from ever being hurt again,
I became a recluse to protect myself from the hurtful actions of human beings,
I placed myself in solitude so that I could gather my thoughts and think about how human beings are evil,

Eventually one soul may appear and bring me out of this darkness,
But all the bliss and all the rapture is just temporary,
Not long after, they will dispose of you,
They will kill you inside,

I can no longer trust in the things they say,
Lies will always be lies,
They are killers in disguise,
They lure you with sweets and then pour acid straight into your mouth,

Smiles turn to frowns,
The evils of the world begin to seem like all that ever was and all that ever will be,
The good converts,
Truth really is ugly,

Not one soul passes these gates,
The gates that lead to my heart,

I am alone,
I am mute,
I am in solitude,
I am in silence.

By : Kei

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