The Informer



I am unable to feel anymore,
For this heart can no longer beat,
As anguish and sorrow have filled it to the brim,
Saturated my heart with venom and poison,

I am unable to think anymore,
For my mind has been stolen,
Making me tremble insanely,
Blank and spaced,

I am unable to see anymore,
For my eyes are blind,
After all the tears have turned to blood,
Dragging me into eternal darkness,

I am unable to hear anymore,
For my ears have bled countless drops of blood,
Caused by listening to the lies of deceitful beings,
Telling words that deafen,

I am unable to speak anymore,
For my mouth is sewn shut,
Afraid to ever utter words of love,
Speechless and silent,

I am unable to walk anymore,
For my legs are too weak,
As I carry the weight of a thousand sins on my shoulders,
Breaking my spine and crushing me whole,

My senses are gone,
And it is because of the lot of you,
Damn you all to hell,
I put a curse on you all.

By : Kei

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