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Now, I can clearly see the quite obvious line between Malaysian English-speakers and Malaysian Non-English-speakers. I have to say that the language they use, is not the beautiful language I call my mother tongue. The way they talk is very rude and unintelligible. It's not just the way they talk, but also what they talk about as well as the ideas they come up with. All of those are shown by the way they talk.
This ultimately reflects the culture of which they live in, which is not the traditional, demure, very well mannered Malaysian culture we "were" epitomised with back in the day.

The thoughts they have are not well cultured and I believe that this is a contribution of the friends they choose, the things they are interested in, their religious upbringing, the degree of how westernised they are. A certain amount of exposure to the outside world is healthy, but just don't overdo it, because negative messages will inevitably be captured. Stick to your polite mannerisms and always be careful of what you say and the way you talk because it reflects the way you behave and what kind of person you are.

P/S: I'm not talking about Malaysian Non-English-speakers in general, but certain social circles. These are the impolite talking kind who speak no English.

I feel ashamed by these people as I am a Malaysian myself.

I know some of you may think that what I'm saying is a paradox, because I'm typing in full English, but bear in mind that I am Malaysian, I speak Bahasa Malaysia (The REAL Bahasa Malaysia, and not the soiled variation of today).

A point is that Bahasa Malaysia has been soiled.

"Paradox" you say? "Contradiction"? Would you rather speak in a foreign language or in your mother tongue that has been soiled? Think about it. I'm Malaysian and I talk in BM as much as I talk in English.

This is just an academic perspective of how youngsters nowadays talk, behave, and think. Don't take it the wrong way if you do not talk in soiled BM or behave impolitely.

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