The Informer



I can see the tower,
It stands concrete in the eye of my mind,
In flames that wash and scower,
The sins that you leave behind,

You should have died,
You should I have murdered,
But I could never hide,
From my sin to my darling little songbird,

The years of suffering,
They have taught me a virtue,
Lovers though so promising,
Never stay faithful and true,

Your eyes leer so eerily,
Damned is your visage,
I burn in flames so fiery,
Shiver in blasting winds so frigid,

The truth left me begging,
On my knees so pathetically,
That you would not stop hugging,
My body so faithfully,

My sorrow is my witness,
My tears hold evidence,
Of how I loved you my mistress,
With no end nor cadence,

My heart has died,
Yours never was alive,
Because of the countless nights I cried,
And for the fading life I strive,

I rest in my grave,
Without you my love,
Not having the love you gave,
Because it was a problem I could not solve,

Penitence is futile,
Returning is of no avail,
For I am now in the ground a mile,
Still crying and pale,

You stand above me,
Dressed in an ensemble black,
Laughing at how I lived pathetically,
Mourning for the love you never gave back,

This is my elegy,
The one that pities my soul,
How I wish that you had saved me,
From my despair foretold.

By : Kei

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