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Art is complex. One can have his own interpretation of what art is. One might not have the exact same interpretation of another. One does not necessarily have to conform to the stereotypes the world has set as expression is liberal and free. Art is expression. Thus, art is liberal in its own right. Sonnets? Haikus? Fables? Epics? Abstractism? Realism? What are they? They're nothing for all I care. An artist does not have to conform to the accepted forms of art. Individualism is all a person should know. Art is the avenue of one's expression. A drawing can be a poem, a story, a picture, a lyric piece, a ballet, an aria, a song, anything. Just as long as a message can be embedded. But even if a message is embedded by an author, other people can ultimately have their own interpretations, which would twist and distort the intended message, making it abstract more further.

I don't even know why I'm writing this. Stupid.

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