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Gossip. I never liked it really. Still don't, honestly. I won't say that I don't gossip AT ALL. I do, but I don't do it much. I most usually listen to gossip, but rarely tell. I really do consider gossip to be the lowest form of discourse, as intelligentsia say. (Random much)

The birds speak,
they tell me that a gale is nigh,
The crows warn beings about the imminence,
The tits whisper wayward sighs of obstacles to come,

I can see them,
The spirits of the wind,
They look so beautiful,
Yet they cause so much destruction,

The tempest is nearing,
A maelstrom of death and devastation,
The mind is lost in a conundrum,
Words become a slush of sound,

Twisting and turning, drab and distorted, complex and complicated, galvanised and grotesque, flying and fluctuating,

They tell lies,
A paradox of truth,
They are equivocal and manipulated strings of words,
Deviations and defiances,

The birds are carried on the wind,
I can feel it in the wind,
I hate the wind,
Un wind.

By : Kei

*Footnote: I really like the keyboards at the INTEC library computer laboratory. They're easy to type with. You don't really even have to look at what you type because they're so comfortable, which has no relation at all. Lol

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