The Informer



I need to reform.
I need a change of identity

~Danza Macabra~

Round and round they go,
Dancing in their torn gowns,
of silk and angora,
Dyed in shades of darkness,

The crescent moon serenades their damned ritual,
Being the ethereal light that stirs them from their eternal sleep,
The eerie lunar glow adds to the ghostly ambiance,

Round and round they go,
the emperor sounds a fetching rondo,
Full of animus,
In his exquisitely drab ensemble,

The soiree intensifies,

Round and round they go,
The Marquis twirls a grotesque dance,
In allegretto,
Vivaciously strutting his daft steps,

Danza Macabra,

Round and round they go,
A lustful couple delivers a morbidly passionate kiss,
Amongst the phalanx of other deathly creatures,
Bound to servitude by stigmata,

Dies Irae,

Though they may be creatures of nocturne,
All from the realm of darkness hallow them,
Though they have sworn fealty to a black allegiance,
All from the plains of hell consecrate them,

The flame ensues,

Craven, craven!
They shiver in the presence of the holy,
They genuflect in the presence of the sacred,
They prostrate in the presence of the righteous,

Requiem, requiem!
Down to the abyssal depths you go!
In shackles do they sweep across the stage,
Hist! There shall be no more of this unholiness,
Back to the rotting earth, Back to the dusty grave, Back to the forsaken pits of hell!

By: Kei


  1. Hahaha... patient, be patient. Remember ALLAH always, insya-ALLAH you will be o.k. Soul crisis?? Back to God...... Hahaha.. sorry because interrupting..... Just visiting....

  2. Arriff: Yup, thanks. :)

    Ahmet: Thank you for the spiritual enlightenment.

  3. kalau sedih-sedih, ingatlah Allah s.w.t.Dia sentiasa sayang you. lagipun, kalau you tak share your prob dengan sapa2, macam mana nak tlg kan?


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