The Informer


The Throng, The King. The Emperor.

Frozen winds dominate this land,
This land of darkness and despair,
Where ravens wait vigilantly for the next victim to arrive,
Weak and diseased,

The breath of delicious roses never meet this place,
The scent of glorious lavender is nothing but a distant dream,
Here, there is no talk of bright sunny days,
No taste of a warm summer's breeze,

The stench of death engulfs this plain,
Constantly suffocating pure thoughts with morbid obsessions,
Ever purging people of their holy sanity,
Luring them out of their sacred sanctity,

Doubt can be seen scurrying the crescents,
In not just one or two, but a throng,
The whole town is paraded by such,
Such that the avenues are brimming with a deluge of nasty thoughts,

Thoughts that are conjured from the emptiness of the heart,
Thoughts that are manufactured from insecurities,
Thoughts that are manifested from the judgement implied,
Thoughts that are engendered from constant paranoia,

Despair brags with all it's grandeur,
As if being the king that transcends,
where in reality he is the one who cries in the shadows,
In truth he is the one who walks down the marble stairs with tears trickling down his cheeks,

Head bowed down till his knees,
Not to reveal his visage,
Tail tucked between his thighs,
Arms hugging his hollow chest,

Death smiles with a hypnotising grin,
With his bony hand grasping a sharpened scythe,
He is the kindest amongst the three,
Which entitles him as the emperor,

He gives no mercy and fulfils his purpose,
One blow and it is done,
No more doubt,
No more despair,

Yet why do I still care?

By: Kei

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