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I felt it. It wasn't the same emotion I felt all this while.
I was sad, yes, that was undeniable.
I felt the sorrow reach my core.
It made me weep and shiver.

I lost it.
There was no more anger.
It was gone.
But all that remains is sorrow and despair.

I realised that it was useless.
But I still couldn't move on.
The sadness was still there.
It didn't go away.

You swore.
I believed in you.
You lied to me.
I cried.

I still couldn't let go of those memories.
You weren't able to see how much I loved you.
I wasn't able to see my reflection in your eyes.
You couldn't keep your promise to me.

You were my all.
I was in love.
You left me.
I cried.

There were nights when I would think about you.
I walked alone and remembered you.
It was cold.
My tears dropped again.

The heart that was once filled with love is now hollow.
The heart that you kept safe.
The heart that can never heal.
The heart that still yearns for you.

I sat down and hugged myself.
Because you weren't there to hug me.
I looked up at the moon.
My tears dropped again.

I couldn't understand what was really happening.
I laid on my bed and tried to sleep.
I couldn't.
I was thinking of you.

By : Kei

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  1. Simpan saja dukamu di dalam bingkisan, buang ke lautan tenggelam tak timbul lagi.

    Usah biarkan ceriamu sukamu dibaluti kenangan malam yang luput hapus hanya tinggal cebisan kerdil kau simpan di sudut hati.


    Sekali kau bangun kau takkan menoleh lagi.

    Dengar kataku.



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